The Board of Directors of Perfect Corp. is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and diverse backgrounds, covering various fields including finance/accounting, investment and technology. They come from different industry backgrounds and have held senior management positions in regional enterprises.

Our board members include senior executives with many years of experience in finance/accounting. They have held important positions in renowned accounting firms and financial institutions and have served as directors of several publicly listed companies. Their insights and expertise enable us to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. Additionally, the board includes investment experts with extensive experience in investment banking and investment management. Furthermore, the board members include professionals in the field of technology, with rich experience in technological innovation and product development, driving the company's digital transformation and technological advancement. Each director has accumulated rich knowledge and practical experience in their respective fields, providing valuable strategic guidance and decision-making support for the company.

The board of Perfect Corp. is composed of six directors, including three independent directors, making up 50% of the total board seats. Additionally, the company places a strong emphasis on gender equality in the composition of the board. Currently, two out of the six directors are female, representing 33% of the board members.